February 2015

What happens when you start to explore the simple nature of the Placebo with respect and humility?

7:13 Law of one
8:22 A de-central Brain
8:45 Bruce Lipton – Simple Newton
9:40 Peter Fraiser – Chemical meds!
12:33 Dietmar Cimbal – Primary Mind Physics
13:23 Individual Cells – Communication
13:53 Out of body experience – Thought Healing
15:47 Herman Koning – What you think is right*
16:04 Intention effects on the Immune system
16:40 The Couples experiment – Compassionate Intention Program*
16:45 Intention Belief – Thought is energy – I am better*
19:07 Belief systems affect lifestyle
19:30 Arielle – Thoughts create body – positive thoughts / chemicals
19:58 Believe itself – Evidence
20:44 Study Houston – Arthritis – Fake surgery
21:19 Think about going to the gym*
21:58 Bruce Lipton – Placebo effect 33% effective*
23:23 Focus on the nature of the placebo
24:04 Placebo energy fields – 1 has to believe TV Focus
25:12 Wanting Children – Headaches Tumours and Hormones*
27:20 NLP where you want be?
27:50 NLP Discovery – Family experience no children
27:42 Angry at tumours?
31:51 Howard Martin – Emotional Diet*
32:51 Lynn Mctagart – Zero Point field – subatomic particles
33:48 Bruce Lipton – The field is the SOUL governing agent*
35:25 Worship emotion – Space in a cathedral
36:40 James Oschman – Ice skaters – non describable nervous system
38:13 we need a field system to explain the body*
39:02 Brains are not as described
40:38 Kidney Healed at distance
43:08 Fritz Popp – Bio Photons
45:03 Genetics DO NOT control the body*
48:42 Morphogenic Field systems
50:33 Body fields communication
52:02 Human Body is structured information
52:40 Heart fields
53:07 Heart signals
53:40 Heart em signal information career for emotions*
54:30 Coherent rhythm synchronises
54:49 Positive emotions – negative emotions
55:24 Heart coherence – starts with the heart
56:24 Heart Nervous system
57:00 Intuition heart field time prediction study*
59:48 Heart Brain Body Consciousness
59:22 Access to a field of info outside of time perception
1:00:01 Heart is the master brain
1:01:37 Food turns into body how?*
1:02:34 Information system from the field
1:03:15 Matter is? Information is?
1:04:24 Scalar wave field communication
1:04:52 Energy and information interchangeable*
1:06:26 Disease is scrambled information
1:06:50 Thyroid cancer / CFS / FM case
1:12:02 Thought field therapy – Heals negative thoughts***
1:13:38 Responsibility for health
1:14:57 Warfare model of disease **

You start to find an untrained muscle that all humans have, that works through the heart and can be the source of what we now so skeptically refer to as miracles?

Spirit Science is exactly this – understanding the nature of things – practicing parts of our skill set that may set us free – that may release us from the system.

When i analyse my feelings on this subject i realise there maybe a lot of programmed fear if i might leave the system or walk outside its boundaries so i don’t laugh at or make fun of people who cannot or do not like to see the possibility beyond the comfy four walls of our conscious life.

But i do like to ask certain questions that might provoke some thought into the possibilities, at least this is one way of attempting to serve humanity rather than entering a fully fledged argument about who is more stupid.

However the data gathered here and the information and personal stories are actively demanding respect – and only now in 2015 you see some changes actually starting to happen!

Perhaps integrative health will one day be how Dr’s are trained! But that would mean starting to let go of all of the expensive programming received in the standard Dr’s training, or at least slightly re shaping it.

This is no easy task for any to undertake and should only be considered by the Dr themselves for another person can never really change another. It’s only when that person discovers or feels or is ready to change – that they will.

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