May 2016

London has elected a new mayor, a Britain-born Pakistani Muslim lawyer, Sadiq Khan. Mr. Khan has ties to extremists and has labeled non-extremists as “uncle toms” … which is a slur that originated in the United States to refer to blacks that were “traitors to their own race.” A prime example of an “uncle tom” in the United States would be someone who does not support the hate group “Black Lives Matter.” The election of Sadiq Khan has come at a time earlier than many thought it would happen, but many people knew that it would eventually happen. It is part of the furthering Islamisation of the West, specifically Britain.

Many cities in England now feature a majority minority population of children, some feature majority minority population of adults as well. Many other cities are majority Muslim, adult and child. This fact wouldn’t be a problem if there was any integration going on, which there is not. There is a constant push to get more and more “rights” for Muslim citizens. They establish their own neighborhoods, create “no-go zones” … places where non Muslims are not welcomed, and they also abide by their own set of rules and laws. Non-believers, or “kafir” as they are referred to by many Muslims, are not seen as equals. This type of behavior goes against everything Western Culture purports itself to be. Inclusion, not established based upon religion, multiculturalism.

Unfortunately for liberals who claim to champion Western Culture with their love of multiculturalism, they are killing that which they claim to champion. Left leaning politicians in Europe are afraid of doing what’s necessary to curtail the anti-Western behavior in their own countries, because their pathological altruism is in conflict. It creates a barrier between reality and what they want to believe. They give Muslims concessions and allow them to stay segregated, so then the segregation, and resulting frustration due to not being part of mainstream society, and their own religious hatred just festers and boils over to the point where attacks begin to happen. Not just bombings or things like that, but also physical attacks on people. Sexual assaults, knifings, you name it. Anyone that is against that type of behavior is labeled as a racist. Which is crazy. Hopefully The Kingdom of Great Britain wakes up… before it becomes The Islamic Caliphate of Brtainistan… forever.


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