April 2015

Rebecca recalls the story of how she beat MS by changing her diet.

Sometimes, the symptoms from the medication were worse than the MS itself. Read the China study and The Starch Solution. Remember the macronutrient CARBOHYDRATE and don’t miss that fuel for the brain.

MS happens in the brain so you want to strengthen your brain, with carbohydrates.

Beans, squash, oatmeal, popcorn, quinoa (with chickpea, curry and lime), sweet potatoes, bananas and berries and good for your brain (starchy food) and BEAT MS, forever.

See the McDougall program and Dr Campbell’s research on the whole food plant diet.

Eat and heal your body by giving it the strength it needs.

Make sure to have an MRI to see if everything’s fine and have your stamp of approval to know your body is healthy.

You can stop the clock on MS if you eat the right food.

Watch more inspiring testimonials: http://drmcdougall.com


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