December 2009

Straight Talk on MMS – Guest: Andreas Kalcker

Straight Talk on MMS is a “TV style” interview show that focuses on the MMS (chlorine dioxide) phenomena by interviewing experts in the field. The goal of the show is to enlighten the public about this revolutionary discovery by Jim Humble.

On this first show, Daniel Bender talks with Andreas Kalcker, a researcher and cinematographer, turned MMS expert who is producing a documentary on MMS. This video discusses the basics of MMS and why the public should take notice.

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Dr. Andreas Kalcker CD, MMS, Sodium Chlorite: Autism, ALS, Cancer, Healing Disease

Dr. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker is a founding member of the NGO Earth-Help-Project focused to help the third world with alternative energy, water and health. He worked in the 90s at the Centre for New Technologies in Barcelona He first licensed in economics and later in biophysics and alternative health (Ph.D).

Former Member of the the Research Institute I.I.E.E. Barcelona. He has lectured at the “Club Equestrian” in “La Pedrera” (Gaudi) for plastic surgeons Catalonia and “Erasmus University” Brussels medicine, The Spirit of Health congress in Hanover Germany 2014, Autism One Chicago (The world biggest Autism Conference) 2014, Autism Today, Miami Beach Congress Center 2014, among others.
His presentation is a new medical discovery about using a novel development of pH neutral injectable chlorine dioxide (CDS) opens possibilities beyond conventional use. He lectured as well at the Autism Foundation ” in Venezuela 2011, Puerto Rico, Sofia-Bulgaria, 2012 Prague – in the Chech republic, among many others.

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NEW ! CDS Clorine dioxide solution (MMS) by Andreas Kalcker

In this video Andreas describes his new development of CDS ( chlorine dioxide solution) For all those that can not support the taste of the standard MMS . It is easy to make and the taste is not nearly as bad as the original MMS making it possible to take higher doses if necessary, special for terminal diseases.

Regarding Toxicity and Placebo

It was developed in the beginning for Cattle and made a huge improvement in about 800 tested baby cows ( 50-90 kg) where it is applied intramuscular with a big success and with no sign of any toxicity even in bigger doses. CDS leaves no detectable residues in the meat . Till now there is a 30% decrease in cost of pharmaceutical costs, which is a big issue for a farmer. The development is free to use for anyone under GNU license. The video can be used freely if not altered .

CDS is obviously not a placebo ( cows do not understand this term 🙂 , And there are no reported diarrheas, or other typical MMS side-effects known til now. Andreas is working on a more detailed documentary right now.

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