John Gray Every Day : How ADD | ADHD in Adults Affects Their Marriages

  October 2013 Chat live with John Gray Every Day here:… John Gray Every Day @ – September 10, 2013 – How ADD | ADHD in Adults Affects Their Marriages Subscribe to John Gray’s Mars VenusYouTube channel for more helpful health tips and down to earth advice on life, love and relationships. Follow […]

John Gray Every Day : The Overlooked Stages of ADHD into Adulthood

  October 2013 Chat live with John Gray Every Day here:… John Gray Every Day @ – September 27, 2013 – The Overlooked Stages of ADHD into Adulthood Follow John Gray Facebook:… Twitter: Website: – the official home of John Gray, Ph.D., author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are […]

How Do You Know if Your ADHD Meds Are Working?

  March 2013 Jeff Copper is an ADHD coach and host of Attention Talk Video which is part of the Attention Talk Network, How do you know if your ADHD meds are working? Should you feel a buzz? Should you focus on outcomes? Or is the measure your ability to regulate your attention […]

ADHD: what do you do when Ritalin and Adderall no longer work?

  March 2016 Today we are discussing ADHD, and what you do when the medications do not work. In today’s broadcast we are going to give you an overview of ADHD and how the medications work but also new findings in the literature as to why many patients with ADHD have autoimmune or allergic […]

7 Strategies to Reverse ADHD

  October 2015 My child has been diagnosed with ADD. His doctors want to put him on stimulants like Ritalin. Is there anything we can do other than take medications?” There’s a mind-body connection but it also goes the other way around, with a body-mind connection. We need to focus on the cause of ADD, […]

Stop ADD and ADHD in 18 Days by Eliminating This!

  July 2014 Dr. Bob DeMaria discusses the role of a certain fat in so many foods and how it relates to ADD And ADHD. His book illustrates how those conditions can be stopped in 18 days. Find out how that can be and how the conditions can be tied to what you eat!

Blood Sugar Balance Is The Secret To A Healthy Mind And A Healthy Relationship

  April 2015 I believe the biggest modern challenges to our health are hormonal balance, weight gain, heart disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and ADHD. ADHD is so important because it leads to many of the mental diseases that show up later in life when ADHD goes unnoticed. But even before that, and more importantly, ADHD […]

Jeffery Smith say no to GMO

  October 2015 Jeffrey M. Smith (born 1958) is an American consumer activist, self-published author, and former politician. He is the author of two books on genetically engineered foods, Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies about the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You’re Eating, and Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives, […]

How to Know If You Have ADHD

  November 2016 ADHD and medication. You can still be your greatest self even with the ADHD label. Children labeled with ADHD by psychologists in school and it’s a 30 billion dollar industry, in the US. 1 in 5 child is deemed to have it. Jerome Kagan thinks ADHD has been blown out of proportion.