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Carbs Don’t Make You Fat, This Does…

  January 2018 Carbohydrates don’t make you fat, and I’m tired of all the misinformation being spread around the internet saying they do. We’re basically at the point right now where the masses of unthinking people are just routinely claiming that “carbs make you fat” which is a bad sign. Nobody seems to want to take personal responsibility for overeating or for eating a nutrient-void diet – the real reasons why people get fat and develop insulin resistance. Some natural compounds that I mention in the video for how to naturally reverse insulin resistance are… Berberine – https://examine.com/supplements/berbe… Cinnamon – https://examine.com/supplements/cinna… And chromium – https://examine.com/supplements/chrom… We’ve got all of these together in the correct dosages in our Truth Nutra supplement

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John Gray Every Day : Three Drugs That Kill

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKKlPd8QvPQ   August 2013 If you’re looking to cure your diabetes, after talking to your doctor, of course, consider moving from Metformin to berberine. You absolutely need to watch this video and yes, the Mars Venus solution for a healthy body should be inspiration for you. If possible, see a naturopathic doctor to get off drugs and onto natural solutions.

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Berberine – A Powerful Natural Compound

  July 2014 http://powerhealthtalk.com Today we are doing our broadcast on the effects of Berberine. Berberine has been used for millennia in Asia in the treatment of diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems.  In the 1990’s it was observed to have powerful effects on reducing blood sugar in diabetic patients. Since that time Berberine has been shown to decrease blood sugar nearly on par with other anti-diabetic medications as well as reducing cholesterol levels.  There are many other effects of berberine that are being observed in mice, however the limitations at this time mainly center around the fact that Berberine is not well absorbed. Therefore, we have read several articles where pharmaceutical researchers have attempted to modify berberine so that it can

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Tucker: Something ominous is happening to men in America

When men fail, all of us suffer. So, how do we fix it? Right now, men are failing physically, mentally and emotionally so what are we doing about it? Men in America’: It’s odd how rarely you hear the problems with American men publicly acknowledged. Our leaders pledge to create more opportunities for women and girls, whom they imply are failing. Men are fine. But are they? The numbers say otherwise. On this same, very important, subject: As well as the decline of American men as fathers, in the homes… and it’s dramatic: In demographic terms, it’s stunning… in a very wrong way. Having a father at home is now seen as a factor of affluence. But it’s also a

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Marilyn Manson – The Rise Of

He grew up in Kent, Ohio where there’s pro football hall of fame… that’s about it… meet Marilyn Manson (real name: Brian Warner), before he was to become a rock star. When he was young, his mother says he got a lot of attention from his family and according to her, he was a sweet child. This is the artists’ story from those who grew up with him. More of Manson when interviewed… And then, this one… I had no idea Manson was on so many interview shows! But perhaps the best interview is this one where he talks about art, popular culture, journalism and so much more…

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