AUTISM: Recover Health With Homeopathic Detox CEASE Therapy

  November 2017 Homeopath and filmmaker Amanda More explains how homeopathic CEASE Therapy can detoxify and recover autistic children and/or help improve their quality of life. CEASE Therapy was originally developed for those with autism but is now used to help anyone who requires a safe and effective detox that can lead to full recovery. […]


  February 2015 What happens when you start to explore the simple nature of the Placebo with respect and humility? 7:13 Law of one 8:22 A de-central Brain 8:45 Bruce Lipton – Simple Newton 9:40 Peter Fraiser – Chemical meds! 12:33 Dietmar Cimbal – Primary Mind Physics 13:23 Individual Cells – Communication 13:53 Out of body experience – Thought Healing 15:47 Herman Koning […]

Why Holistic Doctors Are Getting Assassinated, Rima Laibow

  August 2015 Why Holistic Doctors Are Getting Assassinated! Dr Rima Laibow. The TPPA, Why John Key Is Lying!… Introduced as the “Mistress of the Macabre,” Dr. Rima Laibow of the Natural Solutions Foundation was Vinny’s guest for the second hour. Starting with the recent series of suspicious deaths of alternative doctors and natural […]

The shocking truth about your health | Lissa Rankin | TEDxFiDiWomen

  December 2011 Lissa Rankin, MD is an OB/GYN physician, author, keynote speaker, consultant to health care visionaries, professional artist, and founder of the women’s health and wellness community Discouraged by the broken, patriarchal health care system, she left her medical practice in 2007 only to realize that you can quit your job, but […]

The Feeling is the Prayer – Gregg Braden

  September 2014 In order for the prayer to work, we first must feel as our prayer already answered and feel graditude in our hearts for it. Gregg Braden says, one must become the change one wants to see in the world. We must become the very things that we choose to experience in our lives. If we’re […]

Claire Sweeney: My Big Fat Diet

  June 2015 Famous U.K celebrity gains weight to prove what happeans to your health when one gains weight. Makes for excellent weight gaining material.

Friends with Benefits: The Human Microbiome

  March 2013 From birth on, we encounter and become home to hundreds of microbial species. In fact, the 100 trillion bacterial cells inside us outnumber our cells ten to one and bring eight million bacterial genes to cohabitate with our 22,000 genes. This enormous and diverse ecosystem — the human microbiome — functions as […]