Wireless Warfare Exposed. Are you ready for the WHOLE truth?

October 2018 Sometimes what you don’t know CAN HURT YOU. Ignorance around this subject matter is almost guaranteed to do so. I’m still shocked that with all the research I do, I had NO IDEA this was going on and I’m thankful I’ve since learned how to stop it. Pleased to be sharing this life […]

The Cure for 97% of Diseases

  November 2015 It may sound like an incredibly bold statement, however, Dr. Bergman will discuss exactly how 97% of diseases can be prevented and cured. The belief system of the medical allopathic model of healthcare is beginning to shift to a vitalistic approach to healing that supports the body’s natural systems. It’s time to […]

Dr Nicholas Gonzalez MD Final Interview

  December 2015 This interview with James Maskell is from the 2016 Evolution of Medicine Summit. On this interview you’ll discover: Why the autonomic nervous system is key to individualizing nutrition Different diets for different people (and figuring out which is best for you!) The salient foundations of building “healthcare from scratch”

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez Interview: The Quest For The Cures

  July 2015 The late Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez was a New York-based physician who treated cancer with pancreatic enzymes and individualized nutritional regimens. He worked with Robert A. Good at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center while in medical school. His protocol has been used to treat thousands of cancer patients. The Truth About Cancer team was […]

Cancer – The Forbidden Cures

  February 2014 Astounding revelations of various cancer cures suppressed by reptilian/Illuminati AMA and FDA. Did you know that so many natural cures existed, for cancer? It’s very clear that cancer is nothing more than a deadly industry that tricks people into thinking it has value while in fact, it largely doesn’t.

10 cancer causing foods you should never put in your mouth again

  January 2017 It’s most likely not something you consider consistently, regardless of whether the nourishments you are eating could contain cancer-causing agents, yet with very nearly 1.5 million individuals determined to have some sort of disease simply a year ago, maybe it’s a great opportunity to take a gander at what is in our […]

Why Drinking Milk Is Rocket Fuel For Cancer

  April 2012 Homogenized Milk: Rocket Fuel for Cancer by Robert Cohen A human is not a fish, but we share many of the same basic mechanisms common to all living creatures. Some fish lay a staggering amount of eggs. Most eggs are consumed by creatures both large and small. I recall the story of a fifty-pound […]

What the Cancer Industry doesn’t want YOU to know

  March 2014 The worldwide drug sales is skyrocketing because of the so-called fight against cancer. But wait, the “conventional” model of fighting cancer is NOT working. There’s nothing the allopathic medicine can do for you, if you have cancer. Surgeries, chemotherapy or radiotherapy are only going to make you sick or buy you a […]

Natural Birth Control – A New Way!

  April 2015 In this video I talk about using LADY COMP, and the book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler, as a powerful form of natural birth control when used together. My review, thoughts and suggestions 🙂 https://www.lady-comp.com