What CERN is REALLY Doing & Suppressed Technology

  January 2016 Council of TIme http://counciloftime.com Blog: http://eyesonheav3n.blogspot.com CERN, CERN Shield, Electromagnetic Fields, Suppressed Science, Suppressed Technology, CERN watch, UFO’s, Spiritual Realm, Photons, End Times, Alien Deception, Bible Prophecy, Prophetic, Events, Christian News, End Times Headlines, Last Days, Council Of Time, Beast System, Update, Super Solids, Geoengineering, World, America, United States, Signs of the […]

CERN Already Controls You. And the Rockefellers Control CERN…

  April 2016 The Arch of Triumph was erected April 19 in London, lit up in blood red and will stand for three days and three nights. This happened simultaneous to the Empire State Building lighting up in blood red to “celebrate Donald Trump’s New York Primary win” or so the news sources claimed. Video […]