If You See Clothes On Your Car, Don’t Touch It And Drive Away!

  May 2018 New scams come out every month or even every week and you don’t want to risk falling for them and lose your money, car, or even get seriously injured. New scams are often advanced variations of some long-running criminal schemes, but they’re sometimes new and pretty ingenious. In any case, being aware […]

5 Yr Old Girl Gets Raped, Peed On by 3 Muslim Boys, in Idaho

  June 2016 Three Syrian refugees reportedly raped a little girl at knifepoint in Idaho before urinating on her body, an incident that prompted furious residents to accuse Twin Falls city council members of covering up the assault. http://www.prisonplanet.com/report-th… [Muslim migrants hold knife to throat of little girl]   The sexual assault allegedly took place […]

Brexit: 8 Reasons To Leave The EU

September 2019 UPDATE So again YouTube deleted this particular clip. The ideas could’ve helped the British break free from the centralized European oppression machine (in which Europeans are currently equally oppressed too, by the way). An excellent web site to understand why the UK needs to exit the European stranglehold is offered at Get Britain […]

Jason A’s Final WARNING – They Don’t Want You To See This 2016-2017

  April 2016 This is an elaborate attempt to sell you information on how to survive if the end days come, before 2017. I believe it’s a powerful documentary on the rise of America as the new Babylon. You can believe what you want, of course but it’s a sobering video with information you better […]