Straight Talk on MMS – Guest: Andreas Kalcker

  December 2009 Straight Talk on MMS – Guest: Andreas Kalcker Straight Talk on MMS is a “TV style” interview show that focuses on the MMS (chlorine dioxide) phenomena by interviewing experts in the field. The goal of the show is to enlighten the public about this revolutionary discovery by Jim Humble. On this first […]

The Mind-Blowing Story of a Simple Cure for 97% of Disease

  February 2016 BUY MMS : or check this Jim Humbles protocols… This movie that showcases the mind-blowing story of a simple cure for 97% of disease, and the shocking facts of its worldwide suppression over the past 20 years. However, what it’s really about is about the movement of consciousness on […]

Cancer – The Forbidden Cures

  February 2014 Astounding revelations of various cancer cures suppressed by reptilian/Illuminati AMA and FDA. Did you know that so many natural cures existed, for cancer? It’s very clear that cancer is nothing more than a deadly industry that tricks people into thinking it has value while in fact, it largely doesn’t.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell Cancer Cure

  July 2014 A Personal hero of mine, Dr. Coldwell is a caring man who tells us in this video that indeed every cancer is curable. I have put together this video from his “ONLY ANSWER SERIES”. This is the full length video. His website is: or He is extremely knowledgeable and has done his research. […]

Why the cancer industry is TERRIFIED of this docu-series… the truth comes out!

  The cancer establishment is absolutely TERRIFIED of this powerful docu-series called The Truth About Cancer. If the citizens of the world heard this information, it would COLLAPSE the cancer industry overnight (and unleash a world of health and longevity at the same time). Find out why the cancer industry is run by CRIMINAL FELONS, […]