David Icke live on the Regina Meredith Show (Part One)

  April 2018 David talks about conspiracy theories and explains they aren’t theories, at all. Conspiracies are for real. Proofs are on the wall, everywhere. Visit – www.reginameredith.com To have David’s Dot Connector Videocast sent to you in full every week, click here http://www.davidicke.com/register     April 2018 David Icke is considered the grandfather of […]

Jordan Maxwell – David Icke, Jobs, Employment, Money, Government

  March 2013 Jordan Maxwell: Over 50+ years of research into governments, economics (e.g. banks, banking, bankers], information circulation, education, ancient systems (e.g. Egypt, Rome), Symbolism, Corporations (e.g. USA, Inc; Strawman, Fictional Entities), Law (Civil, Maritime, Admiralty), Sovereignty, Occult, Matrix… There’s no escaping divine retribution, according to Jordan. Visit: http://www.JordanMaxwell.com KEYS: USA, United States of […]

David Icke, Why The System Is Falling Apart

  July 2016 David Icke, Why The System Is Falling Apart – The Shift – Truth Vibrations. The language of life is talking to you. We’re all possibility and we’re flowing with life. Once you have an outcome, then you have pinned yourself to one possibility and if that doesn’t work out, frustration and anger […]

David Icke – How The Rothschild Family Plan To Crash The Economy

  August 2017 The elite want to crash the global economy and cull the world population. They want maximum impact and they’ll move when they feel it’s the best time for disruption, fear and stress, for us. Right now, they’re introducing massive tax and even more monetary control, over us, by demonizing carbon to impose […]

David Icke – Is The Earth Flat?

September 2019 UPDATE I should’ve manually saved and then served this video… YouTube, yet again, can’t be trusted with flat Earth matters. David Icke didn’t say he thought the world was flat but he’s not convinced about the globe either. For him, it’s all about dimensions. So unfortunately, you’ll likely never see this awesome clip […]

David Icke – NEW UPDATE Reptilians Are About To Attack 2017

  March 2017 Shapeshifting reptilians control this planet. It may sound like a sci-fi movie but for David Ice, it’s very real and those reptilians are about to attack us. David Ice has received accounts from people who have had the courage to voice out what they know about reptilians and why they’re a danger […]

David Icke – Donald Trump

  January 2017 Political power is a huge frame up for our society. Even if people expect a lot from Donald Trump, mainly out of utter frustration, chances are they’ll be generally deceived, in four years. It seems Donald Trump has accepted a 20 billions handout from the Rothschild. That’s pocket change, for them. This […]