Antarctica Is Not A Continent More Flat Earth Proof

  July 2016 Look at how fake the Santiago to Auckland flights are just fiction and they’re kept advertised to provide the illusion of a globe. You can have a look at to see where the planes really fly… and that’s the so-called “Northern hemisphere”… the only “plane”! Have fun understanding why the Earth is […]

No One Has Ever Left Earth On A Rocket Don Pettit NASA

  February 2017 Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the 1976 copyright act, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statue that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational and personal use tips the balance in favour […]

More land & more life on the flat earth: worlds beyond the poles

  August 2016 Inspired after the book ‘worlds beyond the poles’ A new look at the universe, we know the earth is flat but what if it doesn’t appear that way? This book claims to be non-fiction, based on facts. Could this explain the “stars” and “planets” and does this explain how we can get […]

David Icke – Is The Earth Flat?

September 2019 UPDATE I should’ve manually saved and then served this video… YouTube, yet again, can’t be trusted with flat Earth matters. David Icke didn’t say he thought the world was flat but he’s not convinced about the globe either. For him, it’s all about dimensions. So unfortunately, you’ll likely never see this awesome clip […]

The Antarctica Secret, Why We Cannot Go The South Pole

  August 2017 The ends of the Earth is an ice wall. It’s called Antarctica. But not as you know it. It seems very interesting that 2 years after Operation Deep Freeze the USA established NASA. Without going into further details about NASA, suffice it to say that their establishment is a proof that they […]

Weaponized cell tower features large kill radius

  February 2016 With the standard cell tower capable of producing mega watts of microwave radiation, they’ve become the perfect weapon against an invasion. Look at the Google Chrome logo, it’s composed of three sixes (6-6-6) and it could be another clue as to what’s going on with this giant corporation which is solidly entrenched […]

Why Flat Earth is the Fastest Movement in the World Today

  January 2017 People are being cautious about why the Earth is flat but the arguments are very, very convincing. Also learn about Antartica as the great ice walls around our oceans, all around them. The walls are hundreds of feet tall, between 100 and 200 feet of ice walls and when you get to […]

Flat Earth in 5 Minutes

  August 2016 A brief overview of our flat earth in 5 minutes. My other Flat Earth Documentaries and Material: 21 Questions for Flat Earth:… True World:… Learning Curve:… Epic Deception:… Flat Earth All Meat & No Potatoes:… Email Me: [email protected] Vlog Channel: Facebook: SoundCloud:… Twitter: Instagram:… RedBubble:…    

Flat Earth | The Edge

  June 2016 Do you believe the Earth is a spinning ball? Or, do you believe it’s flat? That question needs to be explored because a body of plain sight evidence is mounting against the ball theory. Just look around, the Earth is flat, as far as the eye —and the instruments— can see. Go […]