Stop Trying to Motivate Your Employees | Kerry Goyette | TEDxCosmoPark

  May 2016 It’s a misconception that you can motivate your employees. They’re already motivated. The key is to unleash their motivation. The Founder of Aperio Consulting Group, Kerry Goyette takes a deeper dive into motivation, how to leverage it, and the counterproductive motivations that may be holding us back from success. Kerry is the […]

The Blue Battery, for a sustainable and independent world | Mei Nelissen | TEDxUtrecht

  February 2016 Our energy network is extremely vulnerable; we are completely depended on energy generated by power stations, one attack on those and we lose our electricity and with that most of our power. Moreover, more energy is generated than is directly needed, the surplus is then wasted. Nineteen year-old Mei Nelissen has, together […]

Dr. Tel Oren (MD): The Truth about Protein

  October 2011 Talk at 2011 World Vegetarian Festival Weekend in San Francisco California sponsored by the San Francisco Vegetarian Society. Fascinating talk about proteins, amino acids, minerals and vitamins which affect our health.

How To Attract Abundance With Energy Clearing | Christie Marie Sheldon

  January 2016 In this video, filmed at A-Fest, Christie Marie Sheldon reveals how your abundance blocks are keeping you from attracting the financial prosperity and success you deserve, and how you can remove these blocks to experience abundance. Join our free Masterclass with Christie: Learn more about attending A-Fest here: In this […]

Dr. John Gray and The Mars and Venus Wellness Solution

  May 2014 The WOW Talks Live Conference, April, 2014 with Guest Speaker Dr. John Gray and The Mars and Venus Wellness Solution: The Key to Life, Love and Energy. Learn how new communication skills and nutrition can immediately lower stress levels while providing the foundations for lasting happiness and immediate transformation. Dr. Gray provides […]

10 Reasons Why Old SOULS Have Such A Hard Time Finding Love

  October 2016 You Are Worthy 🙂 Old souls are givers, in the true sense but they need to make sure to make a space where they can receive, too. About lies, they can only last so long. Be true to yourself because the truth always come out, especially when you’re an old soul for […]

Nano-spike catalysts convert carbon dioxide directly into ethanol

  October 2016 Scientists in Tennessee claim that, somewhat serendipitously, they converted carbon dioxide into ethanol. The researchers, who work at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, developed a process that adds “nano-spikes” — essentially tiny bursts — of carbon and copper to CO2 to transform it into ethanol, the type of alcohol found in […]

How to Change Your Frequency to Change Your Reality

  September 2011 When you change your personal energy frequency you literally start to change your life. Christie Sheldon has personally raised the abundance frequencies of over 25,000 people resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in NEW abundance for them. And she’s identified 24 common abundance blocks that are stopping people from enjoying the […]