CounterThink with Mike Adams: Dr. David Lewis BioSludge Warning

  May 2018 CounterThink with Mike Adams: Dr. David Lewis Interview. Basically, the biosludge is what’s left from the water treatment plants and in the case of New York, they have so much (of that shit, in plain words) that they export it to other states, by train… to be spread, on crops. Yep! That’s […]

The Cancer HOAX Amazing Testimony

  May 2012 How this Dr. Fought the Good Fight against the Powers that Be. The Government has spent Millions Attacking his Clinic through the FDA, all because he helps people get better by Healing their Diseases. Cancer is a very Big Business, and the Government Profits Tremendously as long as they are in Control […]

FDA documents admit vaccines are linked to autism!

  Did you know that documents on the FDA’s own website openly admit that vaccines can cause autism? In this video, I explain the insane DENIALS still being fronted by the FDA and CDC, both of which are engaged in a massive cover-up of scientific evidence linking vaccines to autism. Even the CDC’s own top […]