The Vegetable Myth: Veggies Are Not Necessary

  February 2018 Here’s how this video is laid out: The definition of a vegetable The symbiotic relationship between fruits and humans Fruits & Tubers vs. Vegetables Observation: Why Do Children Hate Vegetables? Aren’t cruciferous vegetables good for controlling estrogen and increasing testosterone? What is A Vegetable? The working definition of what constitutes a vegetable […]

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY: Dr Barnard & Other Plant Based Doctors

  May 2018 Oatmeal for breakfast, cinnamon, fruits and chia seeds. How does that sound, for breakfast? Pretty good, right. Think about chopping some dates to add flavor. Learn more from Dr Neal Barnard’s (mainly MDs) friends about what they eat and you’ll see that most of what they eat comes from the farmer’s market. […]

What Fruit & White Rice Do To Your Body! (Dr Walter Kempner)

  July 2016 What does eating fruit, white rice and sugar do to your body? Is it safe to consume fruit with all that sugar? Surely you would get really ill if you only ate white rice and sugar? Don’t carbs make you fat and cause disease? Aren’t carbohydrates bad for diabetics? Who is Dr […]