UN’s migrant compact: the death of nations

September 2019 UPDATE YouTube deleted the original video. The subject was way too sensible for the faint hearted, apparently. There is, however, this post talking about the exact same subject. The Canadian Report had also linked to this clip and they too now have a dead link, to YouTube. The video is still available here, […]

Why the Rich are Getting Richer | Robert Kiyosaki | TEDxUCSD

  July 2016 Robert Kiyosaki is an entrepreneur and the author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, the #1 bestselling personal finance book of all time. In his talk, he discusses the power of financial education and how it relates to income inequality. Best known as the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki has […]

Jordan Maxwell – David Icke, Jobs, Employment, Money, Government

  March 2013 Jordan Maxwell: Over 50+ years of research into governments, economics (e.g. banks, banking, bankers], information circulation, education, ancient systems (e.g. Egypt, Rome), Symbolism, Corporations (e.g. USA, Inc; Strawman, Fictional Entities), Law (Civil, Maritime, Admiralty), Sovereignty, Occult, Matrix… There’s no escaping divine retribution, according to Jordan. Visit: http://www.JordanMaxwell.com KEYS: USA, United States of […]

Elite Are No Longer in Control, They’re scared to death.

  January 2016 Time to spread the word to the Other 75% Note: I have decided to refrain from using the inappropriate term (Elite) to describe those who have maneuvered their why into such positions of power. hence fourth I suggest we begin using the more appropriate term”Polyp” (a type of Parasite). This will also […]

ALGORITHM: The Hacker Movie

  December 2014 A freelance computer hacker breaks into secret government contractor and downloads a program. He must choose between his own curiosity and the lives of his friends. Get the limited edition, signed Blu-ray www.thehackermovie.com Why would a hacker hack all these computers? That’s the big question!

The Case for a Flat Tax

  December 2016 What would happen if there was just one tax rate for most Americans? Would that be fair? Could it even work? Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media, explains. The American Revolution started as a tax revolt – over a single tax on tea! Now look at us. It seems like […]

Obama is the black face of the NWO

  July 2016 The FBI issued an alert to Louisiana law enforcement agencies warning of violence against officers and planned riots in the aftermath of this week’s high-profile fatal shooting of a black man by Baton Rouge Police. Judicial Watch obtained a copy of the situational information report, which was distributed to police and sheriff departments […]

This Video Will Bring Down Black Lives Matter

  July 2016 Alex breaks down the simple plan of the globalists to divide and conquer with a potential race war so that they can further their agenda and enslave humanity.     Alex gives an in-depth analysis of the plan behind Black Lives Matter. He breaks down the systematic dismantling of our society by […]

Country Out of Food and Prices Soaring Heres Why

  March 2016 Food prices are still spiking in Canada, across the board but it’s nothing as bad as in Venezuela. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-01-13/canadians-panic-food-prices-soar-collapsing-currency Canadian grocery prices will continue to skyrocket next year Agenda 21 Venezuela Is Out of Food: Here’s What an Economic Collapse Really Looks Like http://tipsforsurvivalists.com/why-the-us-government-continues-to-target-preppers Executive Doomsday Order: Obama Authorizes Gov to Seize […]