Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Brexit

  June 2016 Britain could soon vote to leave the European Union John Oliver enlists a barbershop quartet to propose a smarter option. The Brexit is a huge deal. At the same time, it’s just natural that the United Kingdom would prefer opting out of the Eurozone because since joining in, they’ve lost control over […]

Taxes: Crash Course Economics #31

  April 2016 We’ve been talking about the unavoidables recently. Last time, we covered Death. This time, it’s taxes. So, what are taxes? Why do we pay taxes? What is all that tax money used for? This week, Adriene is going to cover all that and more. We’ll talk about types of taxes, progressive and […]

The Underground Economy: Crash Course Econ #32

  May 2016 What is an underground economy? Whether you call it a black market, a grey market, or just the shop down the street, its about connecting people with goods outside of official channels. Some stuff happens in the underground economy because it’s illegal, but a lot of the money that moves around this […]

Doctors are fake at Orlando massacre

  June 2016 Christy Robertson commented: I like the names they come up with. Dr. Lube! Haha, I see a pun there… Another name I noticed awhile back, I think during the Sandy Hook load of bull shit was a lady by the name of Willow Bay. Will obey! F*ck this shit! I personally can’t […]

Noam Chomsky 2016 – Chris Hedges Interviews Noam Chomsky

  April 2016 If you’re a wage earner, you’re selling yourself. Gain wealth but lose your life gaining it. Modern slavery doesn’t have chains, it’s all about the control systems. You’re squeezed by credit and that’s the way your masters rattle your chains. As a worker, you need to break free from those chains, however […]

Dollar Collapse and WW3 has begun

  February 2016 Dollar collapse is coming soon America , prepare , it is real. It is going to be worst then 2008 dollar collapse. This is the end of the American empire. 70 % chance is big. the ship is singing slowly. It is like the Titanic, the hole is getting bigger each day […]

What CERN is REALLY Doing & Suppressed Technology

  January 2016 Council of TIme Blog: CERN, CERN Shield, Electromagnetic Fields, Suppressed Science, Suppressed Technology, CERN watch, UFO’s, Spiritual Realm, Photons, End Times, Alien Deception, Bible Prophecy, Prophetic, Events, Christian News, End Times Headlines, Last Days, Council Of Time, Beast System, Update, Super Solids, Geoengineering, World, America, United States, Signs of the […]