This Is How Successful People Manage Their Time

  October 2018 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management! Kevin Kruse’s YouTube channel you can visit here. A to-do list is the graveyard of important but not urgent stuff. If you want to have it done, live from your calendar. Value your minutes instead of your days, or weeks. Fight back the inertia […]

5G is just the tip of the iceberg

  July 2018 5G is coming, and people are worried. Well, should we be? To answer that question, we need to know what studies have been done on the safety of microwave-frequency digital radio transmissions. We need to look at WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, and 4G studies, as well! After all, much of the concern about […]

The Vegetable Myth: Veggies Are Not Necessary

  February 2018 Here’s how this video is laid out: The definition of a vegetable The symbiotic relationship between fruits and humans Fruits & Tubers vs. Vegetables Observation: Why Do Children Hate Vegetables? Aren’t cruciferous vegetables good for controlling estrogen and increasing testosterone? What is A Vegetable? The working definition of what constitutes a vegetable […]

20 Medical Lies That You Still Believe

  February 2018 Many of the long-lived medical beliefs are actually wrong. There are 20 health tips that are worth following and which are better left in the past. Only a direct blow to the head can cause a concussion, no, it’s way more than that, including whatever shakes your head because your brain slams on the […]

John McDougall HealthFest 2017

  July 2017 Dr John McDougall explains how he got his experience towards his world famous starch diet which helps for diabetes, cancer and general health. Basically, you’re winning at the diet thing if you’re inclined towards starches, like potatoes and corn (non-GMO, of course).

One Meal at a Time: Sherry Strong at TEDxTokyo

  February 2013 Refined food fuels an obesity epidemic, the world over but especially in the Western world. We need to change the way we eat to lose weight and become healthier… way healthier. With vibrant energy, especially when you wake up, in the morning. Our food is sprayed with pesticides and insecticides, That’s poison! […]

Enhance Mitochondrial Function

  August 2016 What creates mitochondrial dysfunction that leads to chronic symptoms? Discover how to enhance Mitochondria function to overcome symptoms and elevate your health to the next level.

Straight Talk on MMS – Guest: Andreas Kalcker

  December 2009 Straight Talk on MMS – Guest: Andreas Kalcker Straight Talk on MMS is a “TV style” interview show that focuses on the MMS (chlorine dioxide) phenomena by interviewing experts in the field. The goal of the show is to enlighten the public about this revolutionary discovery by Jim Humble. On this first […]

The Latest Scams from the Diabetic Industry

  February 2017 John McDougall, MD, presents: “The Latest Scams from the Diabetic Industry” at the February 2017 Advanced Study Weekend in Santa Rosa, California. For more information:

Dr Nicholas Gonzalez – What Should I Eat? (Part 1)

  January 2016 An incredible body of information presented by Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez about Cancer and the role of Metabolic type in relation to your diet. A must watch for those who interested in Health and Well-being. Dr Nicholas Gonzalez talks about Enzyme treatment for Cancer and the role of Metabolic type in determining suitable […]