Weaponized Wi-fi: Population Control

  July 2015 Dr. Nick Begich delves into the history of weaponized technology and how this brain-stimulation is still being utilized today to control the population. Related: DNA BEING MANIPULATED BY YOUR WIFI – http://www.infowars.com/dna-being-man… WIFI MAY BE MORE DANGEROUS TO KIDS THAN PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT – http://www.infowars.com/wifi-may-be-m… STUDY SUGGESTS WI-FI EXPOSURE MORE DANGEROUS TO KIDS […]

Who Built The Moon? – David Icke – The Lion Sleeps No More

  January 2017 The Illuminati families are controlled by reptilian entities, according to David Icke. His demonstration is convincing because the DNA modifications in the human genome are very real and they explain why we’re only using a small part of our brain. We’re gods reduced to sheep for the reptilian rulers through their “demi-God” […]