Carbs Don’t Make You Fat, This Does…

  January 2018 Carbohydrates don’t make you fat, and I’m tired of all the misinformation being spread around the internet saying they do. We’re basically at the point right now where the masses of unthinking people are just routinely claiming that “carbs make you fat” which is a bad sign. Nobody seems to want to […]

Top 4 Natural Remedies for Type 2 Diabetes

  October 2017 Yuri Elkaim recommends: Apple cider vinegar to lower the blood sugar response. Cinnamon to lower blood sugar. Raw potato starch is a starch that your body does not digest. It decreases blood sugar, insulin response (so your cells will respond to insulin). Short bouts of intense exercise. Like on a bike or […]

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Naturally: 3 Inexpensive Foods You Should Know About

  February 2015 Here are the 3 foods: Apple cider vinegar which reduces the glycemic load of food. It blunts the blood sugar response. Acetic acid does the magic. Add it to your salad dressing and take it throughout the day. Cinnamon, a beautiful spice which reduces the blood sugar response to food and it […]

The Real Causes of Type 2 Diabetes (And How to Cure It Naturally)

  July 2012 Discover the real causes of type of 2 diabetes and how you can cure it naturally. Click on the link below for a FREE report and discover the shocking secrets about type 2 diabetes that doctors won’t tell you. FIND ME ONLINE HERE: HEALTH AND FITNESS RELATED: Website: Pinterest: […]

Eat Bacon & Lose Your Fat

  April 2016 Dr. Berg talks about how bacon and other fats can improve a condition called Insulin Resistance. Insulin is behind belly fat and fats are the only foods that are neutral when it comes down to insulin spikes. Insulin is the hormone that controls whether you burn fat or burn sugar. If you […]

Thought You Understood Sugar? You Will After This!

  September 2014 Dr. Peter Glidden goes into detail describing the role of sugar in the body. Most people know too much sugar is bad. But Dr. Glidden discusses the body’s need and use for sugar and how it gets to where it needs to. He also discusses what sort of problems occur and why, […]

The Myth about Blood Sugars and Diabetes

  April 2013 Dr. Berg explains blood sugars and what the body must have in order to stay healthy. In this video, Dr. Berg talks about what the body burns first – fat or sugar and why it may be difficult for those who have diabetes to be on a diet and get results.

Understanding Insulin Resistance and What You Can Do About It

  April 2014 Find Your Body Type: Dr. Berg explains what insulin resistance is in a simple way. He covers what insulin is, what the insulin receptor is, what diabetes is and how the pancreas and liver works in relationship to insulin sensitivity. To overcome obesity and blood sugar insulin problems, it is imperative […]

How to Get Rid of Acne Fast

  March 2017 Dr. Berg explains the deeper root cause of acne and the fastest way to get clear skin. Most people make the mistake of scrubbing their skin and damaging it. The skin layer is filled with millions of friendly microbes that protect the skin. Cleansing the skin sterilizes it thus causing acne to […]

3 Growth Hormone Tricks: Naturally Elevate GH For Faster Fat Loss

  March 2013 Growth Hormone, or “GH”, is “all the rage” right now in the anti-aging and fat loss world. Some people are even subjecting themselves to fake Growth Hormone injections just trying to look younger and burn more fat. Crazy, huh? Luckily, there are MUCH safer, easier and all-natural choices….. In today’s video, Shaun […]