If You See Clothes On Your Car, Don’t Touch It And Drive Away!

  May 2018 New scams come out every month or even every week and you don’t want to risk falling for them and lose your money, car, or even get seriously injured. New scams are often advanced variations of some long-running criminal schemes, but they’re sometimes new and pretty ingenious. In any case, being aware […]

Black Lives Matter: The Rise of the “DINDU”

  March 2016 Michael Brown was a man, who robbed a liquor store and at the same time assaulted its clerk. He then went on to attack a police officer and attempted to hijack his weapon and was shot in the ensuing scuffle. And to top it all off, Black Lives Matter (BLM) got its […]

9 Things that Turn Off Potential Customers

  June 2016 Very rarely will you hear people talk about the topic of what turns off potential customers, but I think it’s an important topic to cover. So in this video, I cover the following 9 things that can turn off potential customers. #1: Smoking Cigarettes — 0:44 #2: Odor – 3:55 #3: Small Lies – 5:51 […]

The Economy Continues To Deteriorate As The Real Estate Bubble Pops – Episode 1000a

  June 2016 Bank of Greece admits austerity is not good for the population and does not work. Single family home permits decline. The housing bubble just popped, San Francisco prices decline dramatically. Baltic Dry Index declines again 11 points.The Fed is actually taxing us without representation, we never elected the Fed. The stock markets […]

Doctors are fake at Orlando massacre

  June 2016 Christy Robertson commented: I like the names they come up with. Dr. Lube! Haha, I see a pun there… Another name I noticed awhile back, I think during the Sandy Hook load of bull shit was a lady by the name of Willow Bay. Will obey! F*ck this shit! I personally can’t […]

False Flag Event Exposed (Orlando Shooting)

  June 13, 2016 Comment by The Eliot: Share this! Everyone needs too see this information! We cannot go on listing to the mainstream. . . If we do we die! Get this out! Comment by Dar Zyonn: This “muslim” must have had super human strength, incredible aim, and the fastest ability in the world […]