Isis Isis Baby (Vanilla Ice Parody)

June 2017 Jihad is here and Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” hit song has been parodied to explain ISIS’ terror agenda… but it’s very funny. If anything, it’ll make you think while you get swept by the basic beat of this song.

Lord Pearson – “Can We Talk about Islam?”

  March 2018 Sign up for Bill Warner’s newsletter at Buy Bill’s books at: Follow Bill Warner: Facebook:… Twitter: Youtube: Soundcloud: — Lord Pearson: My Lords, I beg you to ask the questions standing in my name on the order paper. Lord Apologist: My Lords, the government funded […]

Anne Marie Waters: US, Canada not safe from European-style attacks

  April 2017 It’s an attack against our very way of life. In England, we were confronted with calls to “keep calm,” like those heard during the Blitz in World War II. But those slogans don’t apply, because at least back then, the West fought back against its enemy. Not today. We certainly didn’t call […]

I’m Tired of Celebrities Defending Islam!

  March 2017 The biggest celebrities are saying Islam is a religion of peace and that just doesn’t stand up against the barrage of images we see where Muslims who are looking to impose Sharia Law are laughing at “infidels” whenever bad things happen to them, including when it’s because of some flavor of Islamic […]

The truth about feminism and Islam

  January 2017 Dear feminists: Stop submitting to Islam. You’ve been brainwashed. You’ve been told a hussied-up hijabed women is the new face of you movement, the ultimate embodiment of diversity and distinct strength; and that your pro-sharia Women’s March organizer is about the same struggle against oppression as you. But the truth is, we women are […]

MIGRANT “SEXUAL EMERGENCIES” – Plaguing the Swimming Pools of Europe

  February 2016 Muslims migrants are being banned throughout Europe at public swimming pools. This video discusses why. These huge social problems are growing everywhere, in the West. Accounts of girls and women being raped by Muslims across Europe go on and on but nothing is being done against these Islamic sexual deviants. Muslim gang […]

Is Trudeau a radical Muslim?

  December 2015 This video dates more than a year but it’s right on the money about Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Federal Liberal’s are clearly being infiltrated by radical Islam and it’s a huge problem since the Liberals now hold power, in Ottawa. Worse even, the NPD opposition is nothing short of a carbon […]

Hidden camera in Saudi Arabia

  February 2017 Saudi Arabia is where Muslims go to live their Sharia islamic law to the fullest. Women are second class citizens and there’s nothing they can do about it, hidden underneath their garbage bag burquas that completely hide the fact they’re human beings. For the Sharia Law, women are lower than dogs. And […]

Secret Filming Reveals Hatred Been Taught In UK Muslim Faith Schools

  February 2017 An undercover reporter captures on camera the hate that’s been taught to Muslim students at a faith school in Birmingham UK. It’s disgusting to say the least. Very disturbing to witness how Muslims are being taught to hate Westerners. Nothing is being done to reverse this toxic teaching cursus.

The true intent of Muslims, they hate us: The Facts

  December 2016 Make no mistake about it folks, the Western world is now at war with the Muslims. They are invading our countries through legal loop holes in our system, and our governments have been infiltrated at the highest levels. It is now time to stand up against these pagans who have no intention […]