Anonymous: Evidence of The Ancient Builder Race Found in Antarctica

  March 2017 They found evidence about the ancient builder race – the alien civilization who engineered the world before mankind. You have to watch this! Something big is going to happen in the world. The concerns expressed in the message are really challenging. In this anonymous message, we get more info about the ancient […]

David Icke – New World Order JANUARY 2017

  January 2017 David Icke talks about the global warming hoax going on and the global elites pushing ahead with their domination agenda. An eye-opening conference where various angles on societal challenges are explored. The New World Order is trying hard to control us and at a certain level, they’re succeeding, namely with debt-money scheme […]

Obama is the black face of the NWO

  July 2016 The FBI issued an alert to Louisiana law enforcement agencies warning of violence against officers and planned riots in the aftermath of this week’s high-profile fatal shooting of a black man by Baton Rouge Police. Judicial Watch obtained a copy of the situational information report, which was distributed to police and sheriff departments […]

Bilderberg Fears the Precariat, the Monster They Created

  June 2016 On the Bilderberg 2016 public agenda are the usual items of China, Russia, Middle East, technology, and one NEW item — the PRECARIAT. It’s a term coined by a UK economist to describe what he sees as the “precarious proletariat”, a “dangerous class” of people who have been harmed by globalism and […]

Brexit: Globalists Are Ticked & Here’s What They’ll Do Because Of It—Time For The US To Exit The UN

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How The Elite Will Use The Poor To Control You

  June 2016 Absolute peasantry! That’s where we’re going. The working class is not making much money, anymore. Production is moved overseas and that’s destroying our Western labor markets. reporter Rob Dew interviews editor Alexander Benesch on how elites around the world will use the poor and working poor as a strong arm to keep […]