Doctors are fake at Orlando massacre

  June 2016 Christy Robertson commented: I like the names they come up with. Dr. Lube! Haha, I see a pun there… Another name I noticed awhile back, I think during the Sandy Hook load of bull shit was a lady by the name of Willow Bay. Will obey! F*ck this shit! I personally can’t […]

False Flag Event Exposed (Orlando Shooting)

  June 13, 2016 Comment by The Eliot: Share this! Everyone needs too see this information! We cannot go on listing to the mainstream. . . If we do we die! Get this out! Comment by Dar Zyonn: This “muslim” must have had super human strength, incredible aim, and the fastest ability in the world […]

Orlando Shooting Witness | Christopher Hansen | Contradictions | CNN – Fox News

  June 12, 2016 An LA Pride attack, was it a Copy Cat of the Orlando Shooting, which many are already calling a Hoax? Donald Trump chipped in with a political statement about ISIS and Radical Islamic Terrorist, which is playing into destroying the middle eastern Theocracies some would call Dictatorships. A Conspiracy by the […]