The Vegetable Myth: Veggies Are Not Necessary

  February 2018 Here’s how this video is laid out: The definition of a vegetable The symbiotic relationship between fruits and humans Fruits & Tubers vs. Vegetables Observation: Why Do Children Hate Vegetables? Aren’t cruciferous vegetables good for controlling estrogen and increasing testosterone? What is A Vegetable? The working definition of what constitutes a vegetable […]

Canada’s Fake Refugee Crisis

  March 2017 Hundreds of illegals are crossing our border with the US, even though there is no persecution to flee or danger there. As Canadian towns like Emerson, Manitoba beg Ottawa for more resources, the CBC is engaged in a campaign to run cover for the Trudeau administration, which seems totally out of touch. But […]

The Economy Continues To Deteriorate As The Real Estate Bubble Pops – Episode 1000a

  June 2016 Bank of Greece admits austerity is not good for the population and does not work. Single family home permits decline. The housing bubble just popped, San Francisco prices decline dramatically. Baltic Dry Index declines again 11 points.The Fed is actually taxing us without representation, we never elected the Fed. The stock markets […]