Where in the world is it easiest to get rich? | Harald Eia | TEDxOslo

  May 2016 In which society is it easiest to get rich? Contrary to common belief, it is not countries like the US or the UK that create the highest number of rich people per capita, but Nordic social democracies like Norway and Sweden. Counter intuitive as it may sound, high taxes, generous welfare states […]

10 Things The Rich Do That The Poor Don’t – Why You Are Still Broke

  January 2018 Explaining 10 things that rich people do that poor people don’t that determines each one’s financial success. Here’s a hint, read books and create value for which you can be retributed accordingly for, and focus on opportunities, not obstacles. Whenever you can, create solutions to problems!

The gap between rich and poor – The Divide | DW Documentary

  November 2017 Seven people are striving for better lives in countries where the top 0.1 percent owns as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent. By connecting their stories, the documentary ‘The Divide’ reveals how most aspects of our lives are controlled by one factor: the size of the gap between rich and poor. […]

The Case for a Flat Tax

  December 2016 What would happen if there was just one tax rate for most Americans? Would that be fair? Could it even work? Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media, explains. The American Revolution started as a tax revolt – over a single tax on tea! Now look at us. It seems like […]

Top 10 Highest Paid Youtubers

  February 2015 Have you ever wonder who is the Highest paid Youtubers? Or how much Youtubers make? Well here is a list revealing it all! Millions of dollars can be made, using YouTube… are you interested?    

The Millionaire Entrepreneur: How To Build Something Big

  September 2015 Disclaimer: Results may vary. This cannot be expected or guarantee. This is a case by case for each user. You need a plan and you need to follow-up on it. If you want to succeed, you need to hit those marks and attain your goals.

MAJOR! United Nations Secret Leaked—Documented Undeniable Proof It’s Worse Than You Thought

  June 2016 All of us should be outraged by the United Nations summit in Korea this week that adopted a global “action plan”demanding a planetary education regime that will brainwash our children into social-justice warriors and sustainability-minded world citizens. In other words the UN will promote “merged development” of the “whole person” including their beliefs, […]

Bilderberg 2016! You Won’t Believe Who’s Going and The Agenda They Admit To!

  June 2016 “Bilderberg pulls the strings of every government and intelligence agency in the Western world.” ― James Morcan, The Ninth Orphan That is one of the truest statements coming straight from the mouth of a globalist himself! They are pulling a majority—if not all—of the strings that are in play today. From politics, […]

What’s A Rigged Economy?

  February 2016 Income inequality is rising and working Americans feel like they aren’t getting ahead. Welcome to the rigged economy. Here’s how it works. The super wealthy pay the least amount of taxes possible. That messes up public finances and kills the economy. Congress works for the rich, not for the poor.