John McDougall HealthFest 2017

  July 2017 Dr John McDougall explains how he got his experience towards his world famous starch diet which helps for diabetes, cancer and general health. Basically, you’re winning at the diet thing if you’re inclined towards starches, like potatoes and corn (non-GMO, of course).

Diet and Multiple Sclerosis

  September 2010 Diet and Multiple Sclerosis presented by Dr. John McDougall at the September, 2010, Advanced Study Weekend. See more at

Eat More Fat? — Amazing Results

  August 2013 Just one vital facet. More is needed. Take a look at the principles of Weston A. Price that were found in ALL healthy peoples all over the world with varying diets. Eskimos ate mostly meat. Polynesians ate mostly veges. But they ALL shared common principles that accounted for their extreme level of […]