John McDougall HealthFest 2017

  July 2017 Dr John McDougall explains how he got his experience towards his world famous starch diet which helps for diabetes, cancer and general health. Basically, you’re winning at the diet thing if you’re inclined towards starches, like potatoes and...

The Real Causes of Type 2 Diabetes (And How to Cure It Naturally)

  July 2012 Discover the real causes of type of 2 diabetes and how you can cure it naturally. Click on the link below for a FREE report and discover the shocking secrets about type 2 diabetes that doctors won’t tell you.

Eat Bacon & Lose Your Fat

  April 2016 Dr. Berg talks about how bacon and other fats can improve a condition called Insulin Resistance. Insulin is behind belly fat and fats are the only foods that are neutral when it comes down to insulin spikes. Insulin is the hormone that controls whether...
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