Fox Reports On Obama’s Islamic Roots

  July 2016 Mainstream media is finally being forced to take a closer, more detailed look at Obama’s Islamic heritage. Jake Tapper and Sunlen Miller, reporting for ABC News, say that during a conference call in preparation for Obama’s trip to Cairo, Egypt, where he will address the Muslim world, deputy National Security Adviser for […]

Weaponized “White Privilege”

  July 2016 Michael Xavier Johnson is the alleged black shooter, in Dallas, Texas. He killed both cops and bystanders. Jesse Jackson (sign) says it’s Donald Trump’s fault! Talk about crazy! As Obama & Lynch continue to fan the flames of “Black Lives Matter”, we look at Obama’s close connection to the man who created […]

Obama is the black face of the NWO

  July 2016 The FBI issued an alert to Louisiana law enforcement agencies warning of violence against officers and planned riots in the aftermath of this week’s high-profile fatal shooting of a black man by Baton Rouge Police. Judicial Watch obtained a copy of the situational information report, which was distributed to police and sheriff departments […]

This Video Will Bring Down Black Lives Matter

  July 2016 Alex breaks down the simple plan of the globalists to divide and conquer with a potential race war so that they can further their agenda and enslave humanity.     Alex gives an in-depth analysis of the plan behind Black Lives Matter. He breaks down the systematic dismantling of our society by […]

UN Running Refugee Invasion in America

  June 2016 Rob Dew breaks down how the United Nations is orchestrating the refugee crisis in order to destroy the west. Robert Martinez commented: Where exactly are all of these refugees supposed to get jobs at…heard that currently close to 100 million people are currently out of work here…oh wait they’re telling us unemployment […]

Millions already chipped! RFID 666 implant done without Obamacare!

  June 2016 PLEASE WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO! You should NEVER receive a microchip implant, as this offers a pathway and connection to the world wide web (the matrix). All data collected by microchips can be uploaded and absorbed into the web, and that is their objective. There are Youtube channels and Christian leaders now […]