Globalists Launch Coup To Make Everyone Poor

  May 2016 NAFTA was only the beginning step in draining the prosperity of the west, now the TPP will put the final nail in the coffin if Hillary Clinton and Obama have their way. It’s sexy to not have kids and it’s sexy to be sterile because the elite is a cult of death, […]

Explosive! Inside Information Reveals A Tragic Collapse Is On Its Way-2016?!

  April 2016… We keep hearing news about an economic collapse, but when? We know it is going to happen, and everyone keeps warning. What’s more, the numbers DO NOT lie. Hear the facts here as inside information, as well as facts, is clearly presented… and decide for yourself: prepare or not to prepare? […]

John Oliver Explains How Lead Poisoning Goes Far Beyond Flint

  April 2016 Recently, John Oliver of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, reminded America that lead poisoning goes far beyond Flint (we wrote about the tragedy back in January). In fact, Flint is merely a drop in the bucket of the estimated 2,000 contaminated water systems, found in all 50 states. However, there exists another danger, the walls […]

White Genocide documentary – The Endgame

  April 2016 Migrants change UK forever: White Britons ‘will be in minority by 2066’ THE UK will be the West’s most ethnically diverse nation after 2050, according to a new academic study. It lays bare the effect of decades of immigration and claims that white Britons will be in a minority by 2066. A […]