Jason A’s Final WARNING – They Don’t Want You To See This 2016-2017

  April 2016 This is an elaborate attempt to sell you information on how to survive if the end days come, before 2017. I believe it’s a powerful documentary on the rise of America as the new Babylon. You can believe what you want, of course but it’s a sobering video with information you better […]

Fast food, Fat profits Obesity in America

  July 2015 Fast Food, Fat Profits gives a quick overview of what’s wrong with the US food industry, and how its inherent design virtually guarantees a sick, overweight population. From food deserts and cheap fast food to soda that’s marketed directly to children and a revolving door between food agencies and the government, the system […]

Globesity: Fat’s New Frontier

  July 2012 Obesity is no longer just a rich country’s problem. It’s now taken hold in poor and emerging countries and is rapidly developing into an insurmountable health crisis. Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers are on the march in nation’s ill equipped to treat sufferers or educate others about the dangers […]

Toxic farming: When Working Conditions Are Ripe For Change

  Toxic farming is the new reality for tens of millions of farm workers who are abused, in so many ways. About one-third of the fresh tomatoes sold in the U.S. come from Florida. Mainly migrant workers from Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean hand-pick the tomatoes in or near the town of Immokalee, just […]

Another Look At The Perilous Price Of American Energy

  On this hour of Reveal, we take another look at three of our major investigations that explored energy production in the United States, and we’ll bring you up to date on what’s happened since they originally aired. From Washington to North Dakota and Oklahoma, we’ll revisit how fracking has opened new realms of oil […]

Do Not Drink: The Water Crisis In Flint, Michigan

  The economically depressed city of Flint, Michigan, is making headlines across the country because there’s something in its water that shouldn’t be there. You may have heard about the problems in Flint: about how the tap water can be brownish, stinky, funny-tasting. After denying there was a problem for more than a year, state […]

Kids crossing borders – alone

  In a collaboration with The Bureau of Investigative Journalism in the United Kingdom and KQED in California, this episode of Reveal tells the stories of children crossing borders alone. You’ll hear about the wars they’re fleeing, where they’re trying to go and what happens to them when they get there. We followed migrants who […]

Update: Decoding discrimination In America’s temp industry

  The temp industry, in the US and around the world, is seriously messed up. People are continuously abused, in so many way. Even if you just want to work, expect a barrage of man-induced problematics but there’s hope if you understand the system and can work around it.  

Your vote doesn’t count! It’s all just the THEATER of democracy!

  Think you live in a democracy? Think again: It’s all just the ILLUSION of a representative democracy. In reality, your vote doesn’t count at all. The nominees of both major political parties are chosen by the establishment, not by the voters! In fact, everything is theater: paying your taxes (the government doesn’t need your […]

Mass wave of unemployment to devastate California as minimum wage raised to $15/hr.

  California is now right on track for economic collapse and social chaos, following Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature of a law mandating a $15 minimum wage state-wide. A massive wave of unemployment is now unavoidable. Businesses will flee the state, collapsing job opportunities. A massive crime wave will follow the wave of unemployment, and Communist […]