David Icke – New World Order JANUARY 2017

  January 2017 David Icke talks about the global warming hoax going on and the global elites pushing ahead with their domination agenda. An eye-opening conference where various angles on societal challenges are explored. The New World Order is trying hard to control us and at a certain level, they’re succeeding, namely with debt-money scheme […]

Women Are Spoiled Brats

  October 2014 Women get everything they want, so why are they so unhappy? The women now have overwhelming power over men, through social rules that wage war against men. This is destroying our society. Feminism has made every man week, towards the woman in his life, at least. This tears apart families and create […]

Men fight back Against Feminism, Enough is Enough!

  September 2016 Why do modern feminists hate men who act like men? Why do femenists want men to be like a woman and bully them? Why feminists act like they are a big deal? What modern feminism really wants.. equality or superiority?? These are confusing questions for many men… it seems modern feminism’s first […]

In Defense of Men, What’s Left of Them – Present Day Feminism

  June 2014 A refreshing look —some might even say paradigm shattering truth— concerning present day feminism and the impact it has on (mainly Western / Occidental) society. There is a definite WAR AGAINST MEN to make men OBSOLETE. Men are being told that they’re a “thing of the past” and now society has been […]

Natural Birth Control – A New Way!

  April 2015 In this video I talk about using LADY COMP, and the book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler, as a powerful form of natural birth control when used together. My review, thoughts and suggestions 🙂 https://www.lady-comp.com

Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last

  December 2013 In this in-depth talk, ethnographer and leadership expert Simon Sinek reveals the hidden dynamics that inspire leadership and trust. In biological terms, leaders get the first pick of food and other spoils, but at a cost. When danger is present, the group expects the leader to mitigate all threats even at the […]

Women Speak Out Against Islamic Terror In France

  July 2016 We have to fight the globalist tyranny which is currently using Islam to wage a war against the Western world, in Europe and in America. Infowars reporters Lee Ann McAdoo and Margaret Howell speak out against radical Islamic terror.  

Dubai Rich Boys Life

  January 2016 Young rich boys from Dubai with supercars Bugatti’s and Lamborghini’s many more… Vanity to the n’th level, for those who like

Dealing With Depression: Are You Bummed Out or Are You Depressed?

  February 2014 In this video men’ style and grooming expert, Aaron Marino of Alpha M. and I Am Alpha M, talks about the very serious topic of depression. The reality is that we all feel emotionally down in the dumps from time to time. At some point in your life, you’ll feel sadness and […]

Men’s depression and recognizing symptoms

  April 2013 The video describes recognizable patterns of men’s depression, including presentations of anger and aggression, masking emotions and preoccupations with work — all of which allow men to ignore any depressive symptoms they are experiencing. Healthcare providers, families and friends need to be cautious of these “coping mechanisms” and recognize that the symptoms […]