February 2014

Aaron Marino of alpha m. wants to take a few minutes about his vision of alpha m. He thinks it’s important to maintain transparency for credibility and respect. Viewers are the commodity in the Internet. All the sites want you as the more traffic, the more valuable the site.

Some sites want you to purchase products, some want your information and some (like Alpha’s site) want your eye-balls so he can sell advertising to big companies.

Running a site does require money, such as the people that are behind the scenes at alpha m. that make things happen. Alpha gives a shout out and thank you to assistant Debbie, customer service Susan, developer Coran as well as design & strategy Kris and Jason.

How will Alpha keep the wheels running and greased? First and foremost, alpha m. was started to help people. In regard to IAmAlphaM, the membership route was tried for about a year which allowed content to be developed. Now, Alpha is going to continue to do promotional videos (about 1% of the IAmAlphaM content) but he won’t sacrifice his credibility. He passes on more opportunities than he takes. He brings a brand / product into the viewer’s world, Alpha will stand by it.

The finale of the makeovers is a contest to have someone getting flown to Atlanta. It’s super exciting. Viewers will be vote on the winners. But Alpha’s got to make some cash to do this. Alpha appreciates you and you being here as well as understanding Alpha making money in the Internet world.