May 2016

You want the American Dream but you know there’s work to be done to get there. Learn from others who have made it and be encouraged for your own journey through innovative marketing and sales approaches.

Tony Robbins wants you to experience breakthrough in your life and your business. Hear him explain practical strategies on how exactly we can do that, and be inspired and motivated as you learn. You will LOVE this episode from his press tour in the Four Seasons in New York City.

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4:17 – Tony talks about his past and first breakthrough.
7:04 – What does Tony say about the most successful people on earth?
8:03 – How did Tony get started working with Jim Rohn?
10:03 – What does Tony say were the keys to his early success?
12:52 – How does Tony balance consuming versus creating?
15:25 – What is the biggest pattern hurdle Tony sees in beginner entrepreneurs?
18:18 – Back in the beginning, what was Tony’s average day like?
20:03 – Drew Scott of HGTV’s Property Brothers wrote in to ask, “How does Tony balance work and family?”
22:24 – Viewers wrote in asking how Tony keeps up his stamina for all of his events.
24:15 – Kelsey asks Tony about his daily rituals he practices.
32:14 – Kelsey asks: So someone who is watching and is struggling maybe with the same habit or the same issue over and over
again, they want to change, what do you think is step one to start rewiring?
34:22 – When it comes to Tony’s daily rituals, should we all be trying the hot/cold shower ritual?
39:14 – Kelsey asks Tony if he still prepares for speaking.
40:36 – Viewer Question: Marika wrote in to ask if Tony has strategies for prioritizing his day or tasks.
45:10 – Kelsey asks Tony what his number one piece of advice is for someone who’s discouraged in their business.
53:36 – Kelsey’s Key Takeaways from the Interview
58:16 – Kelsey and Tony play Fast Facts!


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