May 2016

Today we’re talking about how environmental toxins impact our health with Dr. Walter Crinnion. Dr. Crinnion received his Naturopathic Doctorate from Bastyr University in 1982. In addition to private practice specializing in environmental medicine, he has taught environmental medicine at all of the naturopathic medical schools – Bastyr University, SCNM, NCNM and University of Bridgeport.

Dr. Crinnion has been a reviewer for multiple scientific and medical journals including The New England Journal of Medicine. He is the author of the book Clean, Green & Lean: Get rid of the toxins that make you fat. He has been on The View with Barbara Walters three times to discuss these issues.

On today’s show we discuss some of the most common toxins in our environment, such as endocrine disrupting chemicals, where you’ll find them, how to avoid them, and what foods and nutrients are the most important to help eliminate these from our body for disease prevention and optimal health.

Topics discussed today include:

  • Environmental medicine is looking at the effect of our daily level of environmental chemicals from pollution and how those adversely affect our health
  • Standard toxicologists are looking for exposure to a single compound that is causing damage, environmental medicine is different than this
  • Most major chronic diseases are caused by environmental pollutants that don’t fit the toxicologists viewpoint
  • There are 104 toxicants found in average US homes
  • A big issue is endocrine disrupting chemicals, these are environmental compounds that impact how our hormones function which affects thyroid and adrenal functions among other things
  • Vehicular exhaust is a really damaging endocrine disrupter that we breath
  • Plasticizers and phthalates are a big problem, fragrances have phthalates in them
  • Phthalates have been associated with infertility and obesity
  • Persistent organic pollutants are banned worldwide, but they are high in farmed salmon and sardines
  • If we lower the load of pollutants the body heals itself
  • Step one reduce overall exposure to personal care products, home care products, and other environmental pollutants
  • Farmed salmon are high in PCBs because of the fish pellets they are fed
  • To help support our bodies we can clean our indoor air quality through cleaning ducts and adding air filters
  • Dietarily we can avoid the dirty dozen fruits and vegetables and eat a diet that is clean and healthy and mostly alkaline
  • Green tea, green vegetables, and brown rice can help increase excretion of toxicants in the body
  • Moderate grains seem to help improve health
  • The higher the fat diet the more endotoxins enter the bloodstream
  • The right microbiome can clean out toxins

Key Takeaways:

We are exposed to so many environmental toxins, cleaning up our exposure to toxins and finding a healthy balance with a diet that improves the gut biome can go a long way for making us healthier.

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