March 2013

Thomas Levy, MD – Vitamin C Past, Present, Future Applications-cure to all known virus, bacterial infections. antidote to all known toxins.



Thats right..he said it… ALL KNOWN TOXINS.



Dr. Thomas E. Levy – The Cause of All Disease: A Unified Theory

April 2017

World renowned Dr. Thomas E. Levy speaks about how to combat inflammation and disease by reducing oxidative stress and avoiding supplements that could be causing us harm.



Dr. Thomas E. Levy – Vitamin C The Ultimate Antibiotic

April 2017

Watch Dr. Thomas E. Levy speak about the numerous proven health benefits of high-dose vitamin C and the effectiveness of liposomal vitamin C. On page 131 of Dr. Levy’s book Primal Panacea he writes “My clinical experience with Altrient C liposome-encapsulated vitamin C suggests that the clinical impact of liposome-encapsulated vitamin C may even exceed the clinical impact of intravenous vitamin C for some acute infections.”