April 2017

Owen Shroyer and Lee Ann McAdoo look at the timeline of past events and what they know from today’s events so far to construct a theory that may indicate a false flag in Syria.

Something is very fishy with the official narrative of sarin gas being used by Assad’s regime, in Syria, against his own people.



The news has done nothing but push the total war agenda after the Syrian chemical attack, but who really stands to gain from the overthrow of the Assad regime in Syria.



Ron Paul’s full quote on the Syrian chemical attack false flag event:

“Things were going reasonably well. Trump said ‘let the Syrians decide who should run their country’ and peace talks were breaking out. Al-Qaeda and ISIS were on the run, maybe defeated. It looks like maybe someone didn’t like that. Assad, they claim, now went and released gas to kill a bunch of people.”

“What happened 4 years ago, in 2013? This whole thing about crossing the red line. Ever since then the neocons have been yelling and screaming. Even part of the [Trump] administration is still yelling and screaming about Assad using poison gasses on his people 4 years ago. Not quite true.”

“It doesn’t any make sense for Assad, under these conditions, to all of the sudden use poison gas. I think it’s zero chance he would have done this.”