June 2016

Europe has been inundated over the past several decades with people who are very different from native Europeans. They express barbaric attitudes about female genital mutilation and honor killings, and are increasingly siloing themselves away from the broader culture.

In response, a new wave of nationalist “identitarian” groups have emerged with the aim of reinvigorating European culture. “Identitarian” groups like Generation Identity groups are youth-oriented and generally based around opposition to immigration. These groups are often associated with the alternative right. “Identitarian” groups have engendered criticism that they serve as a front for far-right or fascist ideologies.

Mainstream anti-immigrant groups have emerged as well. Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (or “PEGIDA”) is one example. These groups tend to have a broader base of support, but still lack mainstream political representation in most cases.

So are these groups on the right path? And if they are, can they keep themselves from succumbing to the racism and fascism of past European nationalist groups?

With me to discuss this topic is Martin Sellner, head of the Austrian chapter of the Generation Identity movement.

With me as well is Cathy Young, an American libertarian writer and essayist. She’s been investigating the so-called alternative right, and argues that the “alt right” are primarily racists.

I ask her if it is possible to oppose mass immigration and defend European culture without falling into fascism.