July 2016

Michael Xavier Johnson is the alleged black shooter, in Dallas, Texas. He killed both cops and bystanders.

Jesse Jackson (sign) says it’s Donald Trump’s fault!

Talk about crazy!

As Obama & Lynch continue to fan the flames of “Black Lives Matter”, we look at Obama’s close connection to the man who created the idea of “White Skin Privilege” and turned it into a weapon.



Now, in America, the police is being heavily militarized.

It’s shoot first and ask questions whenever, if ever. This initially covert reform is a social engineering program to destabilize the nation. Globalists manipulating our internal affairs to start a civil war.

The US is under attack from the divide and conquer strategies from the globalists like George Soros and Barack Obama. The open border policies are hijacking the US and the same thing is happening in Canada because it’s a destabilization program meant to destroy us.

Anti-police groups are very dangerous because they attack due process and it’s clear the globalists want to destroy the US as a beacon of liberty, in this world, perhaps the last one.