June 14, 2016

I believe Abraham Lincoln had it right. If the United States is ever to be destroyed, it will be through acts from within—specifically by our own government blatantly restricting our freedoms in the name of “safety.”

In a recent address from President Obama in the oval office in regards to the disturbing events that transpired in Orlando, Florida where proclaimed ISIS member Omar Mateen, opened fire on a gay bar killing 49 people and wounding multiple others, he stated that this was a prime example of why they need gun laws in place for “homegrown extremism.” Thereby dubbing Omar a homegrown terrorist rather than an extreme Islamic terrorist as he should be labeled.

You can rest assured the Obama administration will push forward with gun restricting laws before his exit. There obviously is an agenda underway, which is why I can’t help but consider is this a false flag? And/or a distraction for something even more sinister.