February 2016

A feminist society and the future are oxymorons.

Feminists are a huge sign of social decline, just look at Sweden which has become the rape capital of Europe. The total and complete feminization of Swedes has allowed the colonization of their country with unassimilable foreigners.

The same is coming to the rest of the West and it’s largely unstoppable and irreversible.

Western women risk losing everything but they’ll just side with the more powerful Islamic men, however violent they are, they’ll just submit. The Western civilization is ripe for plunder and women are completely uninterested by this. Feminism is paving the way for the islamization of the West.

Islam is all about masculinity and that’s what’s desirable for women, on a genetic level.

So to all the “pink men” out there, you’ve been duped and you’ll be “replaced”. No woman will miss you. Get with the program, the West will be wiped out under the huge deception that is feminism.


Please watch the entire video, you may miss the gist if you don’t. ***The title is controversial only if you don’t watch the whole of the video.

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